Frequently asked questions

Do we offer glassware?

We offer free plastic pints/half pints/wine glasses. We can offer a limited supply of glassware, but as we are a mobile bar, we dont have the facility to clean these as the night goes on and unfortunately there would be an added cost to this.

Can we set up in a marquee?

Yes. Being a mobile bar, we are very flexible, we can pretty much set up anywhere, indoors or out. We can even bring our own 3m x 3m marquee, should you require it.

What facilities do we need?

All we require is electricity, if this is a problem (being set up in a field) we can bring a portable generator

How long is the bar?

The bar can be as short or as long as you require (up to 6m). We have 2 different types of bars, our standard  straight bar, or if you were looking for something a bit different, we also have our piano bar, which is 4.90m long and is made up of 3 150 year old upright pianos.

Are we fully licenced?

Yes, we are fully licenced to serve and sell alcohol.

Are we insured?

Yes we are fully insured


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